Walking down the mountain paths is what the visitors of Zlatibor like to do most. There are numerous beautiful paths across the meadows and through the woods. The favourite path for most of the guests is the one that leads from the town centre to the Monument. Besides many beautiful wild paths, you can go for a walk along one of the lanscaped ones:

Kamalj Path


Designed for recreational walk for amateurs. Walking down this trail is ideal for getting your body used to the healthy mountain air. This path almost has no ups and downs, and does not lead to increased heart rate. It is suitable for people who are being treated or recovering from illness and injury. It can be finished in about 25 minutes and has a length of 1600m in both directions.

Monument Path


This is a path with an ascent which you can climb and have a view of the whole Zlatibor and its area. There is a continuous rise of 10%. It is made for well trained athletes and fit people, ready for the heavy climb. The total length of the track in both directions is 7.3 km.

Pine Path


This route is also called The Path of Health. It is 7,3km long and can be finished in less than an hour of brisk walking. It is intended for fit people and athletes. The altitude difference is 107m with an average gradient of 27% .

Čigota Path


This path represents a real challenge. It is intended for experienced hikers, athletes and people in great shape. It can be finished in about 3 hours. Length of the trail in both directions is 11.2km.