Cycling is one of the sports which has a positive impact on the health and development of the organism. Bike ride activates the cardiovascular system and a large group of muscles, which contributes to the health and physical development of the person who rides a bike. Whether you cycle for fun or profesionally, you will have multiple health benefits. Mountain biking allows you to experience an unforgettable adventure with the wonderful natural beauty of the environment in which you ride. Ski center Tornik on Zlatibor has 3 mountain biking trails:

Ribnica Trail


From Tornik to the ski road next Stanko streams (gravel road, dirt road) – the length of the trail is 3.5 km and the difficulty is 2/5;

White Stone Trail


From Tornik to the White Stone and Ječmište (asphalt road) – track length is 12km, and the difficulty is 3/5;

Previja Trail


From Tornik to Ribnice and Ječmište (grassy path, gravel ,asphalt road, dirt road) – the length of the path is 5,3km, and the difficulty is 3/5.


If you like to wander through undiscovered paths, Quad is the right solution for you. Quad is a motorcycle on four wheels and is suitable for all types of terrain. Experience a real adrenaline adventure on four wheels! Quad can go through almost every field. It can also go through water up to 1m depth. Quad will take you to the most inaccessible parts of the mountain and its area. You can easily reach Tornik, Zlatibor Lake, Semegnjevo and other attractions.


Walking down the mountain paths is what the visitors of Zlatibor like to do most. There are numerous beautiful paths across the meadows and through the woods. The favourite path for most of the guests is the one that leads from the town centre to the Monument. Besides many beautiful wild paths, you can go for a walk along one of the lanscaped ones:

Kamalj Path


Designed for recreational walk for amateurs. Walking down this trail is ideal for getting your body used to the healthy mountain air. This path almost has no ups and downs, and does not lead to increased heart rate. It is suitable for people who are being treated or recovering from illness and injury. It can be finished in about 25 minutes and has a length of 1600m in both directions.

Monument Path


This is a path with an ascent which you can climb and have a view of the whole Zlatibor and its area. There is a continuous rise of 10%. It is made for well trained athletes and fit people, ready for the heavy climb. The total length of the track in both directions is 7.3 km.

Pine Path


This route is also called The Path of Health. It is 7,3km long and can be finished in less than an hour of brisk walking. It is intended for fit people and athletes. The altitude difference is 107m with an average gradient of 27% .

Čigota Path


This path represents a real challenge. It is intended for experienced hikers, athletes and people in great shape. It can be finished in about 3 hours. Length of the trail in both directions is 11.2km.


There are many mountain peaks in Zlatibor and the highest ones are Tornik and Čigota. They are ideal for mountain climbing. Tornik is 9 km far from the Center of Zlatibor, at an altitude of 1110-1490 m. It is a favourite climbing spot fot most of the tourists. Also, there is a beautiful wild Čigota peak, at an altitude of 1422 m, as well as many other smaller peaks. The view from these peaks is so beautiful and worth all the trouble. Climbing the peaks of Zlatibor represents a real pleausre, not only for your eyes, but also for your lungs.


Zlatibor Lake is located in the center of Zlatibor and made for touristic purposes only. It is surrounded by trees, beautiful paths and benches for rest. There you can go for asunbathe or take a ride  a paddle boat, etc. It is also called The Sea of Zlatibor. Enjoy a quiet and relaxing ride in different types of pedal boats on the lake in a beautiful ambience and a view of the wooded center of Zlatibor. These small boats are easy to ride and are perfect for relaxing with family or friends or by yourself.


Experience the natural beauty of Zlatibor on the back of the most beautiful animal. Enjoy riding graceful Zlatibor horses on the best ranches with the help of professional instructors. They will introduce you to the basics of riding and get you prepared for a tour of the desired destination on horseback.


Tara Canyon, with its unique depth of 1300m, ranks just behind the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River in the United States. Tara River is about 150 km long. Due to the quality of its water and its unique ecosystem, Tara was included in the program “Man and Biosphere” in 1977. It is protected by an international convention. Its valley is the deepest and sharpest river valley in Europe and it attracts many tourists from around the world. Thanks to the fast water with more than 50 rapids, it is said to be ideal for the popular attraction – rafting. Riding down the river in rubber boats, specially designed for wild waters, is a real source of adrenaline for adventure and nature lovers.


Jump off the Čigota Peak and enjoy the panoramic view that takes your breath away! Enjoy the unforgettable experience with a view of the beautiful nature which you will remember for life. Jumping point is the highest spot of Čigota at 1422m above sea level. The flight lasts about 15-20 minutes, depending on the weather. Your experience will be captured in a beautiful photograph.


Drina River emerges from Tara and Piva rivers which connect at Šćepan Field, between the dizzying massifs of Sinjajevina and Durmitor in Montenegro. It is 345 km long and it flows into the Sava River. Drina River represents a paradise of untouched nature, mountain peaks and beautiful forests, and it is considered one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. Feel the magic of one of Europe’s most beautiful river while rafting peacefully through beautiful landscapes, surrounded by mountains, cliffs, canyons, forests, and magically fresh air.


By the end of 2017, a gondola that connects the center of Zlatibor with the Tornik ski center will start operating. This gondola will provide you with 25 minutes of beautiful view of the mountain. There will also be a stop at the wonderful Lake of Ribnica. The route is about 9 kilometers, and the altitude ranges from 960 meters at the departure to 1490 meters at the final destination. Zlatibor’s gondola is the first gondola in Serbia made for sightseeing. The route of the gondola is: Zlatibor Market – Sports ground “Palisad” – Lake Ribnica – Tornik.


Every tourist loves a good view of breathtaking mountain meadows and peaks. Six-seater ropeway on Tornik gives you the ability to take a good look at the mountain from a different angle. There you can enjoy a beautiful landscape and a great view of the whole mountain and its area. Panoramic ride in a six-seated cable car, with a capacity of 3,000 skiers per hour, really helps you see and experience Zlatibor in a different way.
From the very top of Tornik you can see Durmitor, Jahorina, Tara, Ribnica Lake, peaks Čigota and Murtenica, the village of Jablanica, Dobroselica, Stubno, Semegnjevo, resort Zlatibor, as well as many other beautiful sights.


Tubing represents sledding on huge tires down the long plastic track. It is a very fun activity to do in the winter as well as in the summertime. It is very fun and exciting for both children and adults. This installation provides immense pleasure and excitement to all who decide to try it out. Those who have already tried it claim that it is so good that once is not enough.