The Monastery of Uvac is located in the bottom of the Uvac Canyon in the Village of Stublo, at an altitude of about 520m. It is tucked among the hills of the nearby peak Hum and the peak Kobilja Glava). Uvac Monastery dates from the Middle Ages. It is said that the monastery represents an endowment of Nemanjićs, that it was built during the 12th and 13th centuries and is dedicated to the birth of the Virgin. In the Middle Ages, Uvac was considered to be one of the richest monasteries. It was surrounded by fertile land around the River of Uvac. Unfortunately, this monastery can only be reached by an off-road vehicle.

Near the Uvac Monastery, there is the Monastery of Dubrava, which ruins were discovered only in 1999. Legend has it that Father Danilo, a monk from Hilandar, had a dream which he presented to the Patriarch German, who told him to find the lost monastery which hides a great treasure. So the father Danilo found himself in a monastery Uvac, near which he saw an oak tree that had caught his attention. In the vicinity of the oak he had soon discovered the remains of the former monastery Dubrava. It is interesting that until a decade ago there was no road to the monastery, but then the army made one by blasting.