Cycling is one of the sports which has a positive impact on the health and development of the organism. Bike ride activates the cardiovascular system and a large group of muscles, which contributes to the health and physical development of the person who rides a bike. Whether you cycle for fun or profesionally, you will have multiple health benefits. Mountain biking allows you to experience an unforgettable adventure with the wonderful natural beauty of the environment in which you ride. Ski center Tornik on Zlatibor has 3 mountain biking trails:

Ribnica Trail


From Tornik to the ski road next Stanko streams (gravel road, dirt road) – the length of the trail is 3.5 km and the difficulty is 2/5;

White Stone Trail


From Tornik to the White Stone and Ječmište (asphalt road) – track length is 12km, and the difficulty is 3/5;

Previja Trail


From Tornik to Ribnice and Ječmište (grassy path, gravel ,asphalt road, dirt road) – the length of the path is 5,3km, and the difficulty is 3/5.