Zlatibor most visited mountain in 2019.


Zlatibor most visited mountain in 2019.

On January 31, the Bureau of Statistics published data on tourist traffic in 2019. and Zlatibor was the most visited mountain in Serbia this year, with 237.064 tourists and 777.057 nights.



Compared to 2018, Zlatibor was visited by 12.8% more guests and the number of nights increased by 9.1%. Zlatibor was also the third destination in Serbia by the number of visitors behind Belgrade and Vrnjačka Banja. In 2019, Zlatibor hosted 168.067 local guests and 68.997 foreigners.



Most tourists stayed in May (26.277), followed by August, October and April. On the other hand, the highest nights were in August 89.097, followed by July, May, February and June.



The average tourist stay in Zlatibor was 3,2 nights in 2019. Domestic guests had 3,7 nights, while foreign tourists averaged 2,3 nights in Zlatibor.

Source: www.uziceoglasnatabla.com