Young people love the “Golden mountain”


Young people love the “Golden mountain”

Zlatibor has been more and more visited every year. It is noticeable that the earlier tourist’s trend is gradually changing and that there are more and more young people among the guests of the “golden mountain”. We meet them not only in hotels, gardens, cafes and restaurants, on the paths by the lake and near the gondola, but also on the promenades away from the center, ski slopes, terrains, lookouts. These are some of the comments from young visitors.


Gondola and Zlatibor’s flat bread special experiences

“Compared to Kopaonik, Zlatibor is more attractive in winter due to the big variety of restaurants and cafes, there are more facilities for those who do not ski. We came to this mountain more often, last year and this year, among other things because of this epidemiological situation. We used to travel around Europe more, and in the last two years we have replaced those foreign countries with Zlatibor, and we are equally happy. “

“We also like home-made food on Zlatibor. The flat bread is especially good, the truth is a little strong, but it can be endured with walks and other activities. We rode the gondola of course, it’s a nice experience. “


Construction in the center is a necessity of modern tourism

“We love Zlatibor, it’s wonderful here. We come often, at different times of the year. Sometimes an extended weekend, sometimes for seven days.” When we asked what attracts them here, they answered: “Clean air, above all, we breathe with full lungs. There have no COVID among these pines and glades. We do not have such healthy places or conditions for a healthy vacation in Belgrade. ” Nebojsa says that staying on Zlatibor became tradition in his family, his grandfather used to come here often. Nebojsa remembers the previous look of Zlatibor, so he estimates that this one represents progress today, it is more and more attractive for young people who need a place for a healthy vacation and fun.

“Some people criticize the constructions on Zlatibor, the construction of the mountain center. I don’t agree with them. The urban part should be built and arranged, because it is necessary for such a developed tourist center, to have all the facilities necessary for tourists. That is the necessity of modern tourism. It is being built here, but there are kilometers of walking paths and meadows nearby, untouched nature, and that is the right connection. “


A combination of urban and ethno content


“Zlatibor is attractive to us for several reasons: it is a beautiful and healthy place, it has clean air and exceptional nature, good home-made food and accommodation, all the facilities needed by a developed tourist center, and a preserved tradition. Zlatibor merged urban and ethno in the right way. “

The words of young people who like to spend their vacation on Zlatibor speak in favor of the fact that “Golden mountain” has been a destination that provides a lot of content and opportunities for active vacation that guests remember for a long time and gladly return for many years.