Jubilee of Zlatibor – 125 years of organized tourism


Jubilee of Zlatibor – 125 years of organized tourism

At a time when Zlatibor makes a record visit and accepts the highest number of guests in its rich tourist history, with special pride and satisfaction in 2018 we mark an exceptional jubilee – 125 years of organized tourism on this mountain. The jubilee is a true proof of lasting and sustainability, confirmation of the value of Zlatibor as a mountain God-given for tourism, an indispensable argument that what lasts so much is worth it.


Recalling the beginnings of organized tourism here always leads us to 1893, on the Transfiguration on August 19th. This is the date of the most important event of that time, as today’s inscription is engraved on a fountain near the lake in the center of the mountain. Data on the number of tourists on Zlatibor speaks for itself. In 1953, there were 1,393, in 1967, about 20,000, in 1973, over 55,000, and in 1975 about 71,000. With this circulation Zlatibor has already become the most visited center of mountain tourism in Serbia, better ranked than Divčibare, Kopaonik and Tara.


Today Zlatibor is the mountain where 30,000 visitors per day are staying in tourist “peak days”. Over the course of the year it attracts over 250,000 tourists who receive over a million overnight stays. Domestic guests are still loyal to Zlatibor, and more and more foreigners: Germans, Dutch, Russian, Czech, Chinese and others discover the beauty of this mountain. Now there are many villas and cottages, excellent hotels, restaurants, summer baths, various contents. In summer, Zlatibor is ideal for preparing athletes, with quality courts with good surfaces. Winter is suitable for skiing and enjoying the snow in a large ski center on Tornik, where there is a six-seater cable car and artificial snow, or on the slopes of Obudojevica, in the center of the village, with several shorter slopes and smaller ski lifts. In the center of the mountain there are also attractive Dino park and adventure parks, soon the longest panoramic gondola that will lead from here to the top of Tornik.


Zlatibor, therefore, in full shine and at its best, welcomes its 125 years of tourism. The jubilee is commemorated with a series of contents: in the days around the Transfiguration, when there will be something interesting for everyone which a reminder of the long tourist tradition, as well as various programs throughout the year. This mountain, no doubt, really deserves it.